"Give me but a firm spot on which to stand, and I shall move the earth"

Thank you for your responsiveness, positive attitude, arguments, suggestions, prompts. And questions. Some of them were pretty hard. Your patience and understanding are remarkable.

V.I., inventor

I would like to thank you for the thoroughness of your work. In my practice, it is infrequent.

O.R., foreign associate

It is a pleasure to work with you, especially when compared with patent practitioners in some other countries. In addition to being very knowledgeable and responsive, you offer the insight and experience that are unparalleled.

I.M., applicant

I have a real pleasure communicating with you when preparing documents for my application and want to sincerely thank you for your high-skill assistance. A desire comes to patent more.

J.P., inventor

I like the approach of your firm. You have penetrating questions and suggestions. Well done!

E.K., foreign associate